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Ad Network Directory : 500 régies US listées (Regie Publicitaire aux Etats-Unis)

Annuaire de plus 500 régies de publicité sur Internet et mobile aux USA #growthhack La liste est classée par secteur d'activité, par volume d'inventaire publicitaire minimum, par technologie (desktop, mobile, tablette, applications etc...) et par formats publicitaires web. Un annuaire à l'ancienne, indispensable pour les éditeurs de sites qui veulent monétiser leur trafic américain et de manière générale pour les entrepreneurs du web qui souhaitent développer leur business aux Etats-Unis. (Regie Publicitaire aux Etats-Unis)

Is blogging a dead-end profession and business? (Reseaux et Editeurs de blogs)

It probably isn't a surprise that of the millions of blogs, the vast majority of active ones generate little to no revenue for their authors. For those who rely on their blogging to pay the bills and for and those who have started blog-focused businesses, however, the economics of blogging matter a whole lot. Earlier this week, I learned that Know More Media, a blog network, is allegedly going out of business and that Jeremy Wright, the CEO of b5media, which itself runs a large network containing several hundred blogs, had offered Know More Media bloggers an out. His proposal: "We will ask that you blog for $50 for the first month, while we ascertain the value and advertising potential of the blog. After that month, we will likely need to restructure the network (there’s a reason it wasn’t making any money), redo the pay structure and even let some bloggers go. But, if you let us, we will turn the network around and make it profitable. We are fully committed to doing what’s fair (and in many ways, being more than just fair)." While he shortly thereafter offered an alternative proposal, I was struck that the CEO of a respected blog network would suggest to any blogger that he or she blog an entire month for the paltry sum of $50. (Reseaux et Editeurs de blogs)

Se mettre dans la tête des annonceurs (Etudes de cas Publicite en ligne)

Par Cedric Motte. Quand on gère un site de contenu, la pub fait partie du business model. Maintenant que le mirage Google Adsense est passé, il est probable qu'il faille prospecter intelligemment. La question pour un éditeur est donc de savoir quels sont les mécanismes qui font qu'un annonceur achètera chez lui. J'avoue, je ne suis pas annonceur donc cela peut paraître fantaisiste comme raisonnement. Ceci dit j'observe et l'idée est de lancer la discussion. Nous parlerons ici de sites à l'audience importante qui vont chercher des annonceurs importants (on parle en dizaines, centaines voir millions d'euros donc). (Etudes de cas Publicite en ligne)

"Free" Business Models and Freemium (Business Models du Web 2.0)

The market has extrapolated from Google’s success that most anything can be supported from advertising. Google (GOOG) succeeds for two reasons. First, they understand your intent when you do a search. Or with AdSense, at a *much* lower level of success, they attempt to glean your context. This is great for Google, which operates at an Internet-wide scale, but is not very effective for most of the websites that Google places ads on. So while Google can be hugely successful because of scale, most of us can't. Advertising without intent and without narrow context is a very inefficient way to generate revenue. If you can only generate a few cents a month from your average user, you have to have a lot of users. So most companies won't have a big enough audience to justify any venture capital. But in the gold rush, many VCs are investing in things that they have no good reason to believe will ever scale to the level they can IPO or M&A. To be sure, the best VCs aren’t doing this, but there are plenty of VCs out there that are not Sequoia or Union Square. Freemium and the Psychology of "free" What about the freemium model? The idea of free, with an upsell, is great for some products. But far fewer things succeed with freemium than I think really should. Because unfortunately, a psychology has been created on the Internet that nothing should be paid for. This is a broad social issue that has most perniciously affected us in music, where we have a generation of kids with no compunction about stealing, They believe *everything* on the Internet should be free. Artificial abundance supports this psychology. (Business Models du Web 2.0)

1.86 Mds€ pour Voyages-SNCF.com en 2007 (Vente en ligne de Voyages)

Voyages-sncf.com annonce 21 % de croissance de son chiffre d'affaires en 2007, pour atteindre 1,86 milliard d'euros. Pierre Alzon (ex directeur général de Lastminute) rejoint Voyages-sncf.com au poste de directeur général adjoint. après une année 2007 relativement difficile pour le premier site d'e-commerce français avec 25 millions de transactions et 5,5 millions de clients. Des chiffres légèrement en dessous des attentes de la direction de la SNCF. (Vente en ligne de Voyages)

10 heures de travail par semaine et 10M$ revenus ? (Minipreneurs)

Cet article du New York Times donnera envie à beaucoup d'entrepreneurs Internet... Il s'agit bien entendu du désormais célèbre Markus Frind et de son site plentyoffish fondé en 2003 et qui génère aujourd'hui plus de 10 millions dollars de profits. (Minipreneurs)

10 sites web stars au Japon (Chiffres Internet au Japon)

Les plus fortes audiences et les plus fortes croissances de sites Internet au Japon. Panorama du secteur japonais. (Chiffres Internet au Japon)

10Best.com (Editeurs de contenu Voyages - Etats-Unis)

10Best is the trusted source for online travel advice. We offer unbiased, top-rated recommendations for a city’s best sights, restaurants, clubs, and shops. No business can pay to be listed. In this section, find out how we select the best, read up on company history, and discover other quick facts about 10Best. (Editeurs de contenu Voyages - Etats-Unis)

13 SEO Tools for Entrepreneurs (Outils de référencement de site web)

Liste de 13 outils de référencement indispensables pour start-up et entrepreneurs qui se lancent #SEO #startup #entrepreneur Which SEO tools have been most helpful to your business? SEO Moz, Raven Tools, SEO for Chrome, Scribe, Google Keyword Tool, SEO for Youtube, Market Samurai, Open Site Explorer, Rank Checker, Wordtracker, Platinum SEO, Site Strength Indicator, Seth Godin's Purple Cow : all these SEO tools for start-ups have been selected by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC). (Outils de référencement de site web)

17 creative logos (Creation de logos)

Discover these 17 great & sharp logos for small companies #logo #design #startup #entrepeneur The logos on the following pages celebrate their brands through creative, craft-driven design, illustrating that at the root of each business lies soul and a commitment to connection with consumers. Identity is a brand's most defining expression. At its heart it represents not only a commitment to a collective cause but also the essence of a brand's behavior and heart: who you are, what you stand for, what motivates you. The best logos give each company a unique place in the world, connecting the truths at the heart of the brand with consumer desire. In this way, identities serve as an essential point of connection between commerce and culture. (Creation de logos)

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